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I love you a Waffle lot

Kids Recipe Waffle

Plenty of sourdough discard and a young child to keep busy? Waffle time! I love this recipe because it makes use of so much sourdough discard, and it's so easy! 

Ingredients for Sponge (A)

200g All Purpose Flour
200g Sourdough discard /starter
300 Buttermilk or Milk

Ingredients for Egg Mixture (B)
2 Large Eggs
25g Sugar
80g Melted Butter
1/2tsp Salt
1tsp Baking Soda

  1. To make sponge, mix together ingredients in A together into a bowl. Cover bowl and leave at room temperature for 2-4hrs (or overnight in fridge).
  2. In a separate bowl, mix together ingredients in B.
  3. When sponge (A) is fluffy and grown twice its height, fold in egg mixture (B) and mix well. 
  4. Pour batter onto greased preheated waffle iron, bake until golden and crisp. Around 3-5mins
  5. Makes 8-10 Waffles.

To make a healthier version of these waffles, try substituting a portion of all purpose flour with wholegrain flour. I use a blend of 50g Spelt, 50g Wholemeal, and 100g White.

Not interested to make the waffles yourself? But you still really wanna eat some really yummy waffles that don't taste like card board? Click to order sourdough waffles

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