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Tropical Starter vs Liquid Levain

Made this 13hr time lapse to show the difference between maintaining a standard Liquid Levain at 1:1:1 ratio, vs my preferred Tropical Starter at 1:5:4 ratio*.



For convenience, I only want to feed my starter twice a day. So I want something that can last 12 hours at our ambient temperature 27-30C.
More importantly, I want to always (and I mean always) feed my starter at peak. Feeding your starter too early, or too late, diminishes its activity. I also always use cool water at 10C, so that I can prolong my starters in the tropics.

Liquid Levain 1:1:1 peaks at 5 hours, and maintains peak for only 2 hour before falling rapidly. My preferred Tropical Levain at 1:5:4 is slow, it only peaks after 8 hours, but maintains that peak for a whopping 4 hours, before falling after 12hours. So it’s great to have that 4 hour window of opportunity to feed my Tropical Starter.

Aight! Hope this little experiment gives you all more insight on how to maintain your starters in the tropics. I work with a whole variety of ratios for my starters depending on when I need to adjust my baking schedule. So it really helps if you know how your starter inside/out.

Happy bread nerding with me! Let me know if you have starter related questions. 

*RATIO is Starter:Flour:Water


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