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Life is what you Bake it

Everyone views bread making differently. Some see it as a business, some see it as a necessity, and some enjoy it as bread therapy. The one thing that Doughminates us? The thrill we feel when we bake The Perfect Loaf. 

What's that? It's a crusty loaf, crowned with ears, pocketed with blisters, and braced with an open belly. Slice the loaf open and it is a golden lacy crumb, moist and wildly aerated. The wheaty aroma, and the taste of freshly baked bread is what makes bakers giddy with joy. Knead to experience it for yourself? Unlock your fullest potential with our sourdough baking class in Singapore here at Bespoke Bread. Our sourdough class is designed for beginners to professional chefs. Through our sourdough workshop in Singapore, you will be able to learn how to prepare and bake sourdough the traditional way. This will give your bakes the authentic taste of your classic favourites. Join our sourdough baking class today!


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  • Easy Sourdough Bread in Asia

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Sourdough Baking Class Bespoke Bread Karen Ng

Crumb Bake with me

Voted Home Baker to Follow by Women's Weekly - My small batch artisanal loaves have graced the tables of taste-makers, chefs and celebrities. My vision is to inspire and share my passion for bread making, because it teaches you to be a better person. One loaf at a time. So crumb along for a class!

"May the dough rise to meet you!"

Karen the #Doughminatrix