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Sourdough Masterclass Sunday Sessions

Sourdough Masterclass Sunday Sessions

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Sourdough Masterclass sessions with The #Doughminatrix? Yup! It's happening! Enjoy a half day master class focusing on the foundations of baking a good loaf of sourdough here in the tropics. You will take home 2 freshly baked sourdough loaves, my active starter, sourdough waffles and a curriculum booklet.

We begin the day with freshly made sourdough waffles for breakfast, served with tea and coffee. Next, we tackle sourdough, with a 100% hands on practical session, with short breaks for theory. My Sourdough Masterclass is specifically designed for our tropical climates. So recipe and timings are radically different from what you find on Internet websites. We will learn starter Tropical Starter maintenance, mixing methods, inclusions, lamination, folding methods, temperature maintenance, bulk fermentation and basic dough handling skills. Finally, we close off the session with a demonstration of scoring and same day bake.

Class is limited to only three participants per session, so that you may make the most out of your time with me. Please bring along writing material, everything else will be provided. Thank you!

Course fees: $180 ($50 nonrefundable deposit + $130 payable on day itself)

Date: Every Sunday, 9am - 1pm

Address: Kembangan

Please fill in your particulars upon checkout, so that I may contact you for full registration. You will be added to a private whatsapp group one week before class. Thank you. 

Private group classes available upon request. Find two other friends and form a group of 3 participants, we can do a weekday private class. Thank you.