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The #Doughminatrix

Hi! I'm Karen, your friendly #Doughminatrix making your wildest bread fantasies becrumb a reality. Happily kneading in Kembangan, Singapore with my two kids and husband.

Professionally, I'm a freelance video producer and editor, turned full-time Home Baker because of COVID-19. When all of my projects were suddenly shelved early in 2020, I knew that I had to look for a new way to survive.

So I combined my love for visual storytelling and baking bread, and started selling my breads on Instagram as BespokeBreadSG. The response has been overwhelming and I’m so happy to feed hungry bellies with real bread everyday.

As a Baker, I am self taught and I love experientially learning. I also learnt early on, that it made no sense to bake classic sourdough bread with ingredients uncommon in Asia. So I specialise in making Fusion Sourdough Breads that go big on Asian flavour, which you can’t find at any most commercial bakery.

Just remember, all you knead is love... and of course butter... always copious amount of butter.


Photo by Kit @leongkitshan