Sourdough Baking Class & Workshop in Singapore

Life is what you Bake it. Everyone views bread making differently. Some see it as a business, some see it as a necessity, and some enjoy it as bread therapy. The one thing that Doughminates us? The thrill we feel when we bake The Perfect Loaf. 

What's that? It's a crusty loaf, crowned with ears, pocketed with blisters, and braced with an open belly. Slice the loaf open and it is a golden lacy crumb, moist and wildly aerated. The wheaty aroma, and the taste of freshly baked bread is what makes bakers giddy with joy. 

Knead to experience it for yourself? Unlock your fullest potential with our sourdough baking class in Singapore here at Bespoke Bread. 

Our sourdough class is designed for beginners to professional chefs. Through our sourdough workshop in Singapore, you will be able to learn how to prepare and bake sourdough the traditional way. This will give your bakes the authentic taste of your classic favourites. Join our sourdough baking class today!  

Sourdough Fundamentals

Singapore's Most Highly Rated Sourdough Class! Sourdough bread made easy to understand without complicated jargons! Hands on demonstrations are clear, and broken down as easy steps to success. Class is designed for our tropical climates. So recipe is radically different from what you find on the Internet. If you've been baking chewy, dense and sour bread, this class will open your eyes! 

Sourdough Babka, Banana Bread & Breadsticks

Sourdough Baking Class - BBB is a delicious half day class garanteed to win your heart through your belly. We will be baking and eating our way through Babkas, Banana Bread and Breadsticks! You even get Waffles for breakfast! Great for family and friends. So... come hungry! 

Sourdough Truffle Mushroom & Matcha Sesame (Intermediate)

Ready to drop some umami flavour bombs? Decadent Truffle Mushroom sourdough will introduce you to the world of working with wet inclusions such as truffle paste and oils. Next, cha-cha with Matcha and go wild with earthy asian flavours and soaker seeds. 
Baking courses for beginners

Sourdough Baking Class Singapore

 In-depth review from SG Foodie @shiyin_t, who makes her first sourdough loaf in class.

Our testimonials

Fantastic teacher

Hands down to the best baking class I’ve been to. Clear, concise instructions and of course demos… plus her delivery of the technical know-how in a simple and easy to understand way. If you are really interested in learning how to bake sourdough and you want to succeed within your first few tries, Karen’s gonna be your best chance!

Wannie Liu

Our customer

Highly recommened!

It was a rewarding morning with like-minded new found friends. Besides sharing useful tips, Karen reminded that sourdough baking is all about Patience, Perseverance and Gentleness with our dough. She is clear with her instructions and ensures that no one is left behind and we all learnt together from her and each other. I enjoyed myself and would recommend my friends to her class. I am looking forward to her other classes.

Lai Peng Yeo

Our customer

Generous teacher

Karen is a confident and no nonsense instructor. Her lesson is fun and engaging. She is very generous about sharing her knowledge. Highly recommended. Her waffles are dangerously delicious!

Jacqueline Oh

Our customer

Professional class

Karen was patient and has a high standard to make sure that you absorb as much information as you can during the class. Helpful in spotting and correcting mistakes made along the way.

Evan Kok

Our customer

Great Environment

Nice & cosy environment for workshop. Had an enjoyable workshop with Karen Lot of learning & good tips from Karen👍

Mavis Ang

Our customer

Wonderful workshop

I enjoyed the workshop by Karen. She is very generous with sharing her knowledge. She can be quite humorous too. Thanks Karen for such an enjoyable baking experience

Selina Tan

Our customer


Crumb bake with me

Voted Home Baker to Follow by Women's Weekly - My small batch artisanal loaves have graced the tables of taste-makers, chefs and celebrities. My vision is to inspire and share my passion for bread making, because it teaches you to be a better person. One loaf at a time. So crumb along for a class!

"May the dough rise to meet you!"

Karen the #Doughminatrix


Class Framework

Breadmaking Course Singapore

Image Product

Inclusive Learning
Let's get Kneady! Professional cirriculum booklet printed in full colour with illustrations. Master recipes, tools, equipment and apron provided. Students are welcomed to take photos and videos during demostrations. Class is 100% hands on. Vegetarian ingredients. No pork. No lard.

Boutique Experience 
Let's Par-tea! Morning tea and freshly made sourdough waffles included. Cozy environment for friends and family. Bakery is fully equipped for small groups, with the lengendary ROFCO B40 stone oven, perfect for sourdough bread baking. 

Lifetime Support
Let's Doughminate! Exclusive invitation to private group only for students at Bespoke Bread. You will continue to receive guidance and assistance as you continue your baking journey at home. You will also have life time access to professional video tutorials accompanying our cirriculum.

More about our Sourdough Baking Class

Why choose sourdough bread?

Sourdough bead is easy to digest, has a lower glycemic index, and is better for  gluten intolerant persons. In our sourdough baking class we learn to make genuine sourdough without preservatives, using only the most nutritious ingredients. Best of all, the taste of sourdough is far superior to regular bread.

How much should I pay for a sourdough starter?

It varies from one sourdough workshop to another. If you are looking for an affordable sourdough baking class in Singapore, we are offering one for home bakers. Beginner baker? No worries! You are also welcome in our sourdough class.

Should I make my own sourdough starter? Or buy one?

It is good to buy a sourdough starter when you have not tried baking sourdough or attended a sourdough class before. You may also opt for sourdough starter if you do not have enough time to prepare thestarter as the starter kit will contain everything you will need to kick start your sourdough baking journey.

Can you make money selling sourdough bread?

Of course! Sourdough bread is quite profitable as many people are looking for it here in Singapore. Especially when you get creative with flavours that nobody else has! Join our sourdough baking class today to learn how to bake authentic sourdough.