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Unlock the Art of Artisanal Baking

Ready to rise to the occasion? Let's flour-ish together in our Sourdough Baking Classes and bake some loaf-ly sourdough breads!

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  • caramelized onion and cheese with sourdough bread
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  • photo of lady: Jeanette

    Jeanette Aw


    "This onion sourdough smells heavenly. I couldn't resist and I peeled off a portion directly. That aroma, that exture, that taste! I like that I can even tear it apart! Thank you, Karen!"

  • Chef Willin Low.

    Willin Low


    "Couldn't get ham & cheese toasties outta ma mind. Gifted with a loaf from Bespoke Bread, so time to feed self. I like it so much, I m gonna make another tomorrow."

  • Photo of woman named Audra Morrice

    Audra Morrice


    "Fabulous surprise when I got back last night! Beautiful loaf of Smokey Jalepeno Chipolte and Cheese sourdough! It was D-licious!!!! Toasted and smothered with butter! "

  • Photo of Chef_Xiong

    Shen Xiong


    "Thank you so much for the amazing class today. learnt a lot and now I definitely have a clearer idea of how things should be done. I will definitely update you on my bakes!"

lady holding sourdough bread

Crumb Bake with me

Voted Home Baker to Follow by Women's Weekly - My small batch artisanal loaves have graced the tables of taste-makers, chefs and celebrities. My vision is to inspire and share my passion for bread making, because it teaches you to be a better person, one loaf at a time. 

Karen the #Doughminatrix



Sourdough Bread in Singapore

Whether you're a passionate home baker or just starting your culinary journey, these courses are designed to ignite your love for the delightful world of sourdough. Immerse yourself in a supportive and interactive learning environment where you can ask questions, exchange tips, and develop your baking expertise.

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