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Sourdough Pizza Making Class Singapore

Singapore's only Sourdough Pizza making class! Artisan Pizza and Focaccia take center stage! First, hand make your dough from scratch, and step up in front our outdoor pizza oven to fire up your pizza like the pros! Don't worry, we will also learn how to bake your pizza in a home oven. Next, we unlock the secrets of a fluffy Focaccia, bubbly and full of life! So, get ready to flip, stretch, and bake your way to perfection. We guarantee a dough-lightful time that will have you saying, "That's amore!"

Entry level class. Suitable for all beginners and home bakers. 

Class is in English, 9am to 2pm, breakfast included. All equipment, ingredients, and apron provided. Maximum 6 persons only.

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You will learn

  • How to make pizza and focaccia from scratch  
  • Hand mixing & machine mixing  
  • Folding to build dough strength  
  • How to add toppings and inclusions for variety  
  • Easy to follow fermentation method suited for the tropics  
  • Pizza stretching, shaping
  • Focaccia dimpling
  • How to bake a pizza in a home oven
  • How to bake a focaccia in a home oven
  • Make a new sourdough starter 
  • How to maintain a sourdough starter

You will bring home

  • 100g Tropical Sourdough Starter™  
  • Sourdough pizza recipe
  • Sourdough focaccia recipe 
  • Sourdough discard waffle recipe  
  • 1 box of sourdough waffles  
  • 1 sourdough pizza
  • 1 sourdough foccacia  
  • 20 page curriculum booklet  
  • Videos of all demonstrations

Lifetime online support

Exclusive invitation to private group only for students at Bespoke Bread. You will continue to receive guidance and assistance as you continue your baking journey at home. You will also have life time access to all tutorial videos.

  • Inclusive Learning

    Let's Knead! Professional curriculum booklet printed in full colour. Recipes, tools and apron provided. Students can take photos and videos during class. Vegetarian ingredients. No pork. No lard.

  • Boutique Experience

    Let's Par-tea! Small class size, maximum 5 students for undivided attention. Morning tea and freshly made sourdough waffles included. Equipped with legendary ROFCO stone oven for sourdough baking.

  • Lifetime Support

    Let's Doughminate! Exclusive invitation to private group only for students only. Continue to receive guidance as you bake at home. Includes life time access to step-by-step video tutorials accompanying our curriculum.

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By Car: Free street parking. Google Maps:
By Train: Alight at Kembangan MRT station. 10 min walk.
By Bus: Feeder bus 42 from Kembangan Stn. Alight after 3 stops.
Click here for for detailed maps and directions.

Dietary Concerns

All ingredients used in class is vegetarian. No pork. No lard. Sourdough loaves are vegan. Other bakes may contain eggs, butter and dairy products. Please inform us if you have dietary concerns. 

Skills Future

Class is not skills future accredited.We would have to extend the class beyond 7 hours and markup the price by 35% in order to qualify for funding. We simply don't believe in wasting your time and money to learn baking. 

Booking Disclaimer

All confirmed bookings are non-refundable. You may transfer to another class that is occurring within 60 days from the original class or send a replacement participant. To transfer to another class, please give notice at least 5 days before the start of class.  No refunds will be given for unattended classes. Classes may be postponed before or on class day if instructor is unwell. In the event that class is cancelled, an email will be sent to inform of the cancellation. A full refund will be given.

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