Tropical Starter & Guide book

Tropical Starter & Guide book

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Meet my Tropical Starter - Chubby Bubby!

Save yourself the trouble of growing your own starter from scratch. My Tropical Starter is healthy, active, and mature. Strong enough to lift big loaves. Creamy tasting, low in acid, without foul smells, and perfect for creating mild sourdough loaves.

You will receive 100gm of freshly fed Tropical Starter in a jar, as well as a 5 page guide book. My Tropical Starter is specifically designed for our tropical climates. The guide book's recipe and timings are radically different from what you find on Internet websites. 

Want to learn more after you receive your starter? Come and join us for Sourdough Fundamentals Workshop! This workshop is suited for absolute beginners, home bakers, or loved ones who just want to spend time bonding over bread making.