5 Misconceptions About Sourdough You Shouldn't Crust

5 Misconceptions About Sourdough You Shouldn't Crust

5 Misconceptions About Sourdough You Shouldn't Crust

The more success and fame one receives, the more hate one will attract. And the same applies to bread too! Sourdough is a beloved bread loved by many, but it has also garnered many wild tales and half-baked rumours that have deterred carb-lovers from trying it and bread lovers from attempting to bake it. We’re here to debunk these misconceptions that people have about sourdough to tell you why you should give this tangy delight a try.

Misconception 1: Sourdough Bread has an Unpleasant Sour Flavour

Sourdough bread is often misunderstood for its sour flavour. But let me tell you, that’s just a crusty old misconception! While sourdough bread does have a tanginess to it, it’s far from being unpleasant or overpowering (unless you’ve bitten into a bad one made with ancient old starter that hasn’t been fed in a while.) If you’re careful with where you’re getting your bakes and meticulous with your baking process, most sourdough breads (at least the ones that are baked correctly) have a pleasant, mild and gentle tanginess to them that may even seem non-existent to some.

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Misconception 2: Sourdough Bread is Expensive to Make due to the Wild Yeast

Some folks think that baking sourdough bread is as expensive as a loaf of gold because you need to purchase wild yeast and embark on an epic quest to find it. But that’s not true. You see, sourdough bread gets its unique flavour and rises from leavening ingredients known as a starter. And to make this starter, all you knead are two ingredients: flour and water. Simple, right?

Misconception 2 Sourdough Bread is Expensive to Make due to the Wild Yeast

But you must be thinking, what about the wild yeast? Well, it’s naturally present in flour, and will begin working its magic when you mix flour with water! These two ingredients can be found anywhere and are extremely affordable. In fact, water is (almost) free because you can just turn on your tap to access it (Yes! Tap water works fine.)

Misconception 3: Sourdough Starter Can Only Be Used for Bread

If you’ve finally mastered the art of sourdough bread baking and produced masterpieces with crusty outside and fluffy insides, what do you do with the leftover starters? Many are under the misconception that starters can only be used to make sourdough bread. But the truth is, starters can be incorporated into many recipes to make a wide range of dishes, ranging from pancakes to pizzas. Simply tweak your recipe slightly, and you’ll be able to enjoy dough-licious and slightly tangy treats that possess the nutritional benefits of sourdough.

Misconception 4: Sourdough Bread is Tough and Difficult to Eat

Misconception 4 Sourdough Bread is Tough and Difficult to Eat

If you’re struggling to bite through sourdough bread, then the problem lies with your teeth the way the sourdough bread is baked, handled, and stored. Good sourdough breads have sturdy crusts, but beneath that exterior should lie a soft, tender crumb. So, if your bread isn’t rising to the occasion to give you the pillowy bite and texture, you’re probably either making your breads wrongly or buying from the wrong place.

But fear not! You can work some bready magic to revive stale and hard sourdough breads by giving it a steamy spa treatment! And by that we mean lightly heating it up again in an oven with a little spritz of water to soften the loaf.

Misconception 5: Sourdough Bread is Complicated to Make

It is a misconception that baking sourdough bread involves a complicated series of intricate steps. The process is actually as easy as pie, and requires mostly meticulousness and patience. The ingredients used are basic and easy to handle, and the steps to take are mostly repetitive. So, if you’re interested in baking your own loaf, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, flour your hands, and embark on a

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