COVID Endemic Journey 8-10

COVID Endemic Journey 8-10

10 day Isolation Orders served, negative ART results received, and we can put this whole episode behind us! We have survived!

Finally! 10 day Isolation Orders served, negative ART results, and we can put this whole episode behind us! We have survived COVID, as a family, and can now look forward to COVID immunity for a little while, at least.

Unfortunately, the last two days have been absolutely miserable for me. I was suddenly struck by overwhelming fatigue and body aches. I basically spent two days lying in bed sleeping, eating, watching Netflix, taking pain killers and... repeat! So thankful that my mum and my husband stepped up to take over the reins with the little ones while I collapsed into a slobbering pile in bed.

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I am worried that this might be an early sign of what researchers are calling Long Covid but I am hopeful that with my vaccinations and general well being, that I will not fall into Long Covid in the future. I guess only time will tell.

For now, I am just thankful that we are done, done and done with the last 10 days. The kids still have a couple more days to clear, and we will be consumed with deep cleaning the house in the following days, so that we can get back into our usual routines.

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Thank you all so much for being supporters of Bespoke Bread, and for seeing us through this journey together. All of your well wishes, mean so much to us. We are glad to have openly shared this journey with you. We hope to shed light, and get rid of the stigma of being COVID positive. It is possible to embrace an Endemic state, and it is really a matter of time before this all blows over, and we can go about living our lives to the fullest again. Thank you, stay safe, and stay healthy out there! 

For more information, view my COVID-19 IG Highlights. If you have any questions about COVID, I would be happy to share my experience with you, and to shed the stigma together. Endemic state, here we come!

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