COVID Endemic Journey 5-7

COVID Endemic Journey 5-7

Unlimited screen time punctuated by fun activities. No shame in that when you've got kids and COVID!

We roll around to the mid-way point of our Endemic journey and things fall into a sort of routine, bordering between madness and mayhem. Mostly because we have to keep two young unvaccinated kids in good spirits while dealing with our own COVID symptoms. 

We (the adults) had pounding headaches, fevers, runny noses and chesty coughs  to manage, while the kids were sailing through their symptoms really easily. We also lost our sense of smell and taste, not entirely, but enough to make eating less enjoyable. There was also the sensation of chest heaviness or tightness that had us worried for one night, but nothing came of it, so we were lucky.

Unlimited screen time punctuated by fun activities was the only way we can get through the long days and long nights stuck in our basement. Everyday, we would water the garden in the morning, check for pests, empty the recycling bins and do a bunch of sweaty activities like kung-fu kicks or garden races.

In the long afternoons, we would play Fruit Ninja on the iPad before we would make our own smoothies, which would in turn give us brain freeze whenever we slurped them down too fast! A box with bubble wrap became a fast game of poppers! A bed with a blanket became a fort, or a game of "Kids for Sale"! And of course, we had to put up our tent to bring the outdoors, indoors. 

Just when we thought we were on the home stretch, Theo (5 years old) started to feel poorly on day 7. Sudden high fever, bloodshot eyes, coughs and a runny nose. We put him on oral paracetamol to keep the fever down, and took long naps in the afternoon to help make him feel better. 

young kid lying on bed

We receive an incredible care package from my customer Yiwen who lives on the next street. A whole bag of dinosaur puzzles, stickers and painting kits, along with yummy treats for the kids to get us through this tough patch. Here's Theo enjoying his lollipop from the care package while lying in bed recovering.



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